Thursday, August 23, 2018

2018 9/11 White Dove Releases Across America

911 Memorial Release

Dove Release 9/11 Nags Head, NC
Once again on September 11, 2018, white doves will take to the skies to honor our innocent victims and fallen heroes of 9/11. Whether they were a victim of an attack, a hijacking or our brave policemen, firemen and rescue personnel, the businesses associated with the National White Dove Release Society are proud to honor them in this way.
We wanted to pay tribute to those who paid the ultimate price during 9/11. Many were unsuspecting victims, while others were our brave service organization members who sacrificed their lives while trying to rescue others. So, whether they were a victim of an attack, a hijacking or our brave policemen, firemen and rescue personnel, we couldn't think of a better way to pay tribute to all these brave Americans than doing what we do every day, releasing white doves. But we wanted to take it to a level of national prominence where the American people as a whole could participate in releases held wherever we had interested dove releasers available. All of this done on September 11 across the United States. 

Please see below for participating companies. The releases are on September 11 unless otherwise noted.

  • White Wing Loft - 1 pm: 50 bird loft release in the Miller Community, Bentonville.  

  • Sarasota Dove Release - 8:30 am: 24 birds for the Tribute to Heroes Memorial Service, Riverwalk, Bradenton.

  • Cannette Loft - 6 birds loft release - Sebastopol

New Mexico
North Carolina
  • Wings Remembered - Ceremony starts at 9:30am: Bixby Fire Department 9/11 tribute at our city park. Bixby has a memorial at the park with a large piece of the beams from the WTC.

South Carolina
  • Homeward Angels - Greenville: Boiling Springs Fire Station, 9:00 AM   22 birds
  • Homeward Angels - Landrum: Landrum Rail Road Depot, 1:00 PM  140 birds

  • Amazing Grace Doves - 21 doves for the Tower Climb of first responders, at the Tower of the Americas in downtown San Antonio.

  • A Dove's Love - 20 white doves in Fairfax County at noon.  
  • Dovely Moments - 6:30pm 21 Dove Salute at Sperryville Fire Department, Sperryville.

To pledge birds, please send your information to

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